Manufacturer Offer

$500 cash back on select 2018 Ford models

  1. $500 cash back
  • Applies to multiple models.

  • * Disclaimer(s)
    • - Customers will receive a "FIRST MONTH" Payment RETAIL BONUS CUSTOMER CASH equal to $500. *Dealers may claim the total amount regardless of the customer's actual payment. Customer/Dealer have the following options when applying the incentive (either of which are claimed through VINCENT): - The dealer can pay the 1st month payment on behalf of the customer (payment must be in the customer's name) and be reimbursed through Smart VINCENT On-line system. This will reduce the customer's cash due at signing. - The customer can request the incentive in the form of a check. - Or, the customer can apply the 1st Month Retail Bonus CC to the deal. NOTE: This is not a PAYMENT waiver program, therefore, the number of customer payments does not change.
    • See State Disclaimer *